5th Ascona Film Festival


25th-27th february 2016, 5th EDITION

Film submissions  


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5th Edition 

Thursday 25-02-2016

18h30 Standing dinner

19h15 Opening Ceremony

19h30-22h00 Short films


Friday 26-02-2016

17h30 Film / show

19h00 Standing dinner

20h00-22h30 Short films

22h30 Festival Party


Saturday 27-02-2016

14h00-19h00 Films

19h00 Standing dinner

20h00-22h30 Short films

22h30 Price Ceremony

23h00 Festival Party

Dress code : Formal attire 

Formal Attire

Eventi: ricevimento ufficiale di sera. Per l’uomo: smoking preferibilmente o abito scuro elegante con cravatta

Per la donna: abito da cocktail, abito lungo o completo elegante da sera.

Ascona Film Festival presents a new valuable human rights organisation and partner : Outside Voices, Building Bridges

Welcome to Outside Voices blog!


Outside Voices

Building Bridges

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Living in a technological Panopticon

Stranger is a poem written by David Malin and published by Outside Voices. The poem is about London and set in the London Underground. The Underground is one of the most scrutinized and monitored places in the world and has been dubbed the ‘spy capital of the world.’ Between 2011 and 2014 art photographer Maya K Hobart descended into depths of the Underground with a digital camera policing the police Underground Portraits, Maya Images

The year is 2015, the location London again. The English government consists of a minority of wealthy aristocrats. The City of London is being privatised, austerity measures harm poor and systems of mass surveillance control the public. The poem is illustrated with a silk screen poster of a man travelling inside the London Underground. The man in the picture suffers from poverty and isolation.

The art is also a protest against most austerity measures and welfare benefit cuts which hit out at the most vulnerable sectors of society and undermine their human rights The Independent newspaper This Big Brother society urgently needs more heart and more compassion.

Stranger is part of a collection of poems about London by David Malin. Other poems in the series includeHymn to Britain and London Armageddon. London Armageddon is drawing comparisons with Howl by Allen Ginsberg. 

What is Outside Voices?

Outside Voices is a publication of outstanding art and poetry by marginalized artists who have suffered human rights abuses including those who have been through the psychiatric system and other stigmatized members of society. Some of the artists explore spiritual themes and the human condition in their work. Outside Voices  actively protests against the persecution of the powerless. It was founded by Maya K. Stinnes.



4th Ascona Film Festival @SWISSFILMS

26.02.2015 – 28.02.2015, Ascona,


IV Ascona Film Festival (2015) in pictures

Tutto esaurito per la IV edizione di Ascona Film Festival



Sabato sera si è conclusa una rassegna particolarmente soddisfacente dell’Ascona Film Festival. Tutt’e tre le serate hanno registrato il tutto esaurito.

Anche quest’anno abbiamo potuto condividere tanti piccoli capolavori internazionali durante tre magiche serate al Hotel Ascona, culminate nel finale con la proiezione fuori concorso del vincitore dell’oscar 2015 nella categoria cortometraggio finzione non animato “The Phone Call”.

I premi del pubblico sono andati ai seguenti cortometraggi:

  1. premio a “Destino” di Zangro, Francia.
  2. premio a “Parvaneh” di Talkhon Hamzavi, Svizzera.
  3. premio a “Sinceridad” di Andrea Casaseca, Spagna.


  1. Quest’anno, per la prima volta, è stato assegnato un premio speciale della giuria, al film “Parvaneh” di Talkhon Hamzavi, Svizzera.

Diamo a tutti appuntamento alla 5. edizione, che si terrà dal 25 al 27 febbraio 2016.

Cordiali saluti

Julian Martin



and the winner of the 4th Ascona Film Festival is…




IT Andrea Biasca Caroni - Flyer 2015.indd




I’m very satisfied to announce that Saturday was the final night of an extraordinary edition of Ascona Film Festival. On all three evenings, our audience filled up every available seat in the house. During these three magical evenings at Hotel Ascona, we were yet again able to share many short international masterpieces, culminating in the screening of the Oscar winning short film “The Phone Call”. The winners of the international competition public prizes are: 1st place goes to “Destino” by Zangro, France. 2nd place goes to “Parvaneh” by Talkhon Hamzavi, Switzerland. 3rd place goes to “Sinceridad” by Andrea Casaseca, Spain. This year, for the first time, a special jury prize was awarded to “Parvaneh” by Talkhon Hamzavi, Switzerland, with special mentions going to the 2nd placed “More Than Two Hours” by Ali Asgari, Iran and 3rd placed “Le Temps d’un Tango” by Frédéric Hontschoote, France. We invite everyone to our 5th edition, which will take place from February 25th through 27th, 2016.

Best wishes Julian Martin


Am Samstag abend ist die 4. Veranstaltung des Ascona Film Festivals mit der Preisverleihung zu Ende gegangen. An allen drei Abenden war der Saal voll besetzt. Auch dieses Jahr konnten wir viele kurze, internationale Meisterwerke, während drei bezaubernden Abenden, mit unserem Publikum im Hotel Ascona teilen. Als grosses Finale wurde der Oscar gekrönte Kurzfilm “The Phone Call” gezeigt. Die Publikumspreise gingen an die folgenden Kurzfilme: 1. Preis an “Destino” von Zangro, Frankreich. 2. Preis an “Parvaneh” von Talkhon Hamzavi, Schweiz. 3. Preis an “Sinceridad” von Andrea Casaseca, Spanien. Dieses Jahr wurde zum ersten Mal ein spezieller Jury-Preis an “Parvaneh” von Talkhon Hamzavi verliehen, der sich vor “More Than Two Hours” von Ali Asgari, Iran und “Le Temps d’un Tango” von Frédéric Hontschoote, Frankreich, durchsetzen konnte. Wir laden alle zu unserer 5. Jubiläumsausgabe ein, die nächstes Jahr vom 25. bis 27. Februar stattfinden wird.

Herzliche Grüsse Julian Martin

Saturday 28th february 2015 Ascona Film Festival presents the 2015 Oscar Winner “The phone call” by Mat Kirkby and James Lucas


British Oscar winners pay tribute to their ‘superhero’ mums

Mat Kirkby and James Lucas pose with their award. Credit: Reuters

The British writers of The Phone Call who won the Oscar for Best Live Short Film singled out their inspirational mothers for the work they do taking calls in crisis centres during their acceptance speech.

Director and writer Mat Kirkby and writer James Lucas accept the Oscar for the best live action short film The Phone Call. Credit: Reuters

The film, starring Sally Hawkins, is set in a crisis hotline centre.

We’d like to thank all the volunteers around the world in crisis centres who give their time for nothing – including our mums.


After the awards Mat Kirkby told ITV News his mother was “a real life superhero”

Sue Kirkby has said that the best part of her night was not being called a superhero but seeing her son win an Oscar