Ascona Film Festival is proud to present : “Daniela Albertini”

CURRICULUM VITAE Daniela Albertini

Born 4. february 1986, Verbania, Italy, Piemont
Resident casali masserecci n.18, 28822 Cannobio (VB), Italy

Tax ID number: LBRDNL86B44L746C
ENPALS registration number: 2460063
Phone: +39 333-3403905
Height: 1.73 Size: 40 – 42 EU Shoes: 39 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown


Languages: English ( fluent), German (good), French (basic), Spanish (basic)

Dialects: Piemont (native dialect), Emilia-Romagna (good)


2017 Continuous vocal training with Melania Giglio

2017 Intensive acting workshop with Simone Gandolfo

2016 Stage “King Lear” with Daniele Salvo

2016-2017 Rehearsal Process with Doris Hicks ( coach Strasberg method, associate of Susan Batson)

2016 Intensive acting workshop with Daniele Salvo, Melania Giglio, Marco Podda

2015 Intensive acting workshop with Sergio Rubini

2015 Intensive acting workshop with Roberto Bigherati

2015 Continuous “Strasberg method” training with Danny Lemmo ( Honorary member of the Actor Studios NY)

2014 Bachelor of Arts in Acting – University of Wales

2014 Academic qualifications at EUTHECA ( European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema)

2011-2014 Singing private lessons with Alessandro Marchini ( mezzo-soprano/ contralto)

2010-2011 Academy of Theatre Paolo Grassi , ( Civic University of Milan)

2010 Intensive vocal training with Maurizio Salvalalio

CV – Film
2017 “Marlène”, directed by Mirko Zullo – role Marlène – lead role and author

2016 “La porta rossa”, directed by Carmine Elia – real estate role

Short films
2014 “Immobili” directed by Enzo Aronica – role mother – co-star
2014 “Grandi Speranze” directed by Enzo Aronica – role Assia – co-star

2017 “Lu bene mio”- Parranda Groove Factory – directed by Marco Pirrello- lead role

2015 (maggio) spot TIM YOUNG JUNIOR directed by Federico Brugia – co-star

2017 Voice of Radio Studio Star FM ( speaker, commercial, drafting and sound editing)

2017 “La quadratura del cerchio” dance theatre directed by GenerArTI & Carambole tanz&theater – Swiss- co-star
2016- 2017 “Marlene” directed by Daniela Albertini – lead role
2016 “Noi così. Loro cosa?” directed by Silvano Mozzini e Christiane Loch – Swiss- co-star 2015 “Cento Braccia” directed by Lucio D’Amico (Argentina theatre, Rome) – co-star
2015 “Non si pensa mai a tutto” directed by Federica Tatulli – lead role
2014 “La giostra di Amelie” directed by Daniela Albertini (supervision Giancarlo Fares) – lead role
2014 “ShetEhod” directed by Giuseppe Palazzo – lead real
2013 “Il Ritratto” directed by Enzo Aronica – co-star
2013 “L’assassinio di Jean Paul Marat” directed by Craig Peritz and Domenico Cucinotta – guard role (English version)
2013 “Re Lear” directed by Federica Tatulli – role Regan – co-star
2013 “L’Eccezione e la regola” directed by Giancarlo Fares – role moglie- co-star
2013 “Casa di bambola” directed by Federica Tatulli – role Nora – lead role
2012 “Antigone” directed by Federica Tatulli – role Antigone -lead role
2010 “La casa di Bernarda Alba” directed by Laura Rullo – role Bernarda Alba – lead role

2016 “Il fiore nascosto e la lumaca sul cappotto” directed by Ottavio Buonomo – role Regina – co-star
2013 “Mamma Mia” 2013 directed by Bianca Ara – role Tania – co-star ( English version)
2013 “Fedra” directed by Bianca Ara – role Fedra- lead role ( English version)

2017 Das Festival – Bern Theatre Festival – Dance theatre “Noi così. Loro cosa?” co-star 2014 Pathological Theatre Festival of Dario D’Ambrosi – “ShetEhod”- lead role
2011 “Antigone” directed by Federica Tatulli – lead role

Dance, yoga, biomechanical theater , historical fencing, basic of acrobatic, singer, writing, harmo- nica, competitive swim, tennis, volleyball, basketball, ski, skating

I authorize to processing of my personal data in full compliance with the law.

Daniela Albertini




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