Ascona Film Festival 6th edition, 2-4 March 2017 is preparation : work in progress. Filmmakers’ communication.


To the filmmakers :

Hi dears,

After 2016’s fully booked edition, thank to this magnificent public, artists, sponsors and Hotel Ascona, we are preparing this 2017’s adventure.

The submission process is over, we are now selecting the works that will be showcased during the 3 evenings starting the 2nd March 2017.

My wife and I are surely under pressure now, because the shorts submitted this year are more than over our expectations and the selecting process will be extremely painful.

We are sorry, terribly sorry, as you now but we must make choices and only about 30 films will access the Hall of the Aff competition.

Make up your mind, dear filmmaker, it doesn’t mean that your work is bad, we just must decide and you will surely find other venues appreciating your job.

Good luck to you all, we love you, keep on creating …

Your Aff president founder

Andrea Biasca-Caroni



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