Theme Song by LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix by matthew skow


Music video for LEIF(kolt)’s ‘Theme Song’. (C) 2012 Bat Wing Throat Bling From the collaborative EP ‘Nothing For the Vultures’ produced by Dusty Nix. Available now for purchase exclusively at Directed by Matt Skow – http




5 responses to “Theme Song by LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix by matthew skow

  1. REVIEW: LEIF(kolt) & Dusty Nix’s “Nothing For The Vultures” (EP)
    Published March 3rd, 2012 at 5:30 pm in Music Reviews with no comments
    Tagged with Dusty Nix, hip-hop, LEIF(kolt)

    Nothing For The Vultures is an EP by LEIF(kolt) and Dusty Nix that I’ve been listening to for almost a month, and I’ve become a fan of artists who will approach the EP format as a way to introduce themselves to fans, or at least to not overdose/overwhelm people with more than enough music that can exhaust its own welcome. What I like is that LEIF(kolt) has an attitude that is a mixture of “supreme smart ass” and “powerful confident MC”, and how he balances it is very effective in each of the songs. He’ll talk about being the shit, but within the confident flows are lyrics that show a human side that too many rappers tend to not show.

    Within the instrumentals created by Dusty Nix, LEIF(kolt) allows him to play with moods, personalities, and storylines there one song might sound tribal, another sound like a drive-by, while others may sound like they just ripped off a bassline from a Black Sabbath, filtered it, and rock it better than anyone else has ever done. It’s something LEIF(holt) has been doing for a decade on his own albums and mixtapes, and this is just continued travels on his path of lyrical rhythm and freedom.

    As for the 6-songs on here, the EP format works well for them, but am curious to see how they could take on a full album.

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