“Just a Moment : project dealing with prevention of young suicide” will be guest of AFF2014

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  • Just a moment before is the project for a feature film dealing with the prevention of young suicide and the awareness of this topic by noticing its premonitory signs. It’s a film project with social and educational implications.

    Cinema can be a good means to make aware many people of the importance ofpaying attention on the others, and on those premonitory signs that precede young suicide. Actually, recent reports about devastating episodes of cyberbullingtell us that this phenomenon must be faced quickly and decisively.

  • The essence of this film is the absent presence of suicide: in other words, our message is always positive making the most of life rather than thinking to its disappearance. In the meantime, we would like to make aware the audience about ethical and moral implications of this topic: about the relationship between young people and their families, about their feelings at work or during their daily life. It’s very simple: thinking about ourselves, to act just a moment before.

    The project is about an international co-production that will start in Switzerland, because we have the Pro Juventute Switzerland Foundation’s support: this is very useful for us, to share information about the topic and to identify the main experts.

    It’s time to do something: join the project, join the life!

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