Ascona Film Festival presents : “Hylas And The Nymphs by Lisa Brühlmann”

Hylas And The Nymphs
Switzerland 2013
Original version with English subtitles
(Original: deutsch)
Lisa Brühlmann
Filmschule: ZHDK
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A contemporary interpretation of an ancient Greek myth. The picture “Hylas and the nymphs”, painted by J.W. Waterhouse in 1896 comes to life. The body of a young man floats in a lily pond. Three young female suspects are found and interrogated – the nymphs of our generation: vulgar, deceitful and innocent. And they love it. Lolita goes anarchy.

Duration: 11 Min.

Darsteller: Magdalena Neuhaus, Annina Euling, Lina Hoppe, Kai Albrecht, Regula Imboden
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This film is in program 4.
Also in this program:
Christmas Is Dead (7 Min.)
Dual (12 Min.)
Good Night (27 Min.)
Octopus (21 Min.)
Montag, 18.11.2013, 22:00 Uhr, Dauer: 78 Min.   Merken
Mittwoch, 20.11.2013, 17:00 Uhr, Dauer: 78 Min.   Merken
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