3rd Ascona Film Festival presents : “La Donna”, Nicolas Dolensky

‘La Donna’ presents a situation where a game appears like a perfect setting to mix elements of classical cinema, musical comedy, seduction and the past of the characters . There are 3 characters, the place could be a hotel. The night gets them together and a naive seduction starts to raise while playing a game about historical figures. Once the game starts the characters start to drink and loosen up, this results in less innocence and more seduction. In a short time this film explores different topics like differences and similarities of two countries: Argentina and Italy, and the dysfunctions of a marriage.


Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Erica Rivas Erica Rivas
La Donna
Nicolás Mateo Nicolás Mateo
Claudio Tolcachir Claudio Tolcachir

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