Ascona Film Festival’s submission : New single by Nena and Dave Stewart : “Be my Rebel”


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Nena & Dave Stewart: “Be my Rebel”

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Children dream of what they will be as adults and adults dream about their childhood. But sometimes, when orderly life becomes paralyzed in routine, adults need the inner child to bring about change: “Be my rebel”, the first collaboration of the two music legends Nena and Dave Stewart, premiered at Nenas 40th anniversary on stage. The accompanying video by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Virgil Widrich transfers the story into a dreamlike, glass mirror world that is powered by Dave Stewart at the controls of his classic modular synthesizers. At the typewriter: Nena as an annoyed bookkeeper, who threatens to disappear soon with her flower dress in her flower wallpaper. But the inner dialogue works in both directions and soon takes effect: rebellion changes the past – and thus also the future.

Director Biography – Virgil Widrich

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Virgil Widrich, born 1967 in Salzburg, works on numerous multimedia and film productions.
His first feature film is “Heller als der Mond” (“Brighter than the Moon”). His short film “Copy Shop” won 35 international awards and was nominated for the Oscar. “Fast Film” premiered in Cannes 2003 and won 36 awards until today. His newest feature film is “Night of a 1000 Hours” (2016). Virgil Widrich lives in Vienna/Austria.


7th Ascona Film Festival AWARDS




Writers: Séverine De Streyker & Maxime Feyers
Producer: Maxime Feyers
Cast: Ingrid Heiderscheidt, François Maquet, JeanMichel
Balthazar, Bastien Ughetto, Judith Williquet, Arthur Marbaix


Writers: Sébastien Maitre, Valérie Gaudissart
Producer: Laura Townsend
Cast: Bryan Mbuangi, Merlin Dianda, Starlett Mathata,
Moise Ilunga, Jupiter



Laure Bourdon Zarader

Writer: Laure Bourdon Zarader
Producer: Quartett Production
Cast: Mathieu Barbet, Charlotte Campana


Writer: François Uzan
Producer: Unagi
Cast: Patrick Braoidé, Marie-Christine Adam,
Julia Piaton, Baptiste Lecaplain



Writers: Sébastien Maitre, Valérie Gaudissart
Producer: Laura Townsend
Cast: Bryan Mbuangi, Merlin Dianda, Starlett Mathata,
Moise Ilunga, Jupiter


See you 28th February 2019 for the VIII edition of the Ascona Film Festival 

VII Ascona Film Festival (1-2-3 MARCH 2018) The Programm is out !!!




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Ascona Film Festival presents : Blunotte Eventi

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Blunotte Eventi

Events organization and animation

The philosophy of Blunotte Eventi

It is easy to assert to be the best, but it is harder to demonstrate it. Only results prove it. An event must be an emotional involvement for all the participants: this is the only way to turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Event memorability is obtainable just by guaranteeing perfect coordination through the collaboration with high-skilled professionals. Technical skills and emotional performances are collateral features which BLUNOTTE balances thanks to its experts’ experience.

BLUNOTTE’s expertise is spread to event set-ups through Passion and Flexibility, because every event deserves to be unique and exclusive.

‘Music is art and pursuit of excellence: personal inspiration, accuracy and passion for music as an art and expression form.’


Ascona Film Festival supports Theosophical Order of Service International. TOS

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The TOS works locally and internationally in such areas as 

  • education

  • social welfare & justice

  • healing

  • peace

  • animal concerns

  • the environment

  • emergency relief

The TOS was founded to provide a framework in which people can engage in creative, practical and humanitarian action in a theosophical spirit. It offers opportunities for participation in activities promoting the First Object of the Theosophical Society – To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.

It also acts as a forum in which people may air their views on global affairs in the light of spiritual principles and the ideas of the theosophical philosophy – one source of unity beyond outward differences; the interrelatedness and interdependence of all forms of life; the ordered unfoldment of the cosmos in accordance with natural law.

VII Ascona Film Festival : 1/2/3 March 2018 – RSVP


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